Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fun and frugal finds

I was inspired to go shopping by Fran at Kindergarten Crayons. I saw the lovely alphabet and number stamps she bought at Target and decided I needed to make a trip to town. Unfortunately, they were all out of the stamps.
I still hope to find some of the stamps she found, but since we live an hour from the nearest Target, I can’t spend $25 in gas to keep looking for dollar stamps. If anyone finds any extra at your store and you’re willing to buy them for me, I will pay you for them and pay for shipping. I would love to have at least two sets of each, but I will take whatever you can get. Pretty please!
Target: FREE (Two of the items I purchased from a transaction before gave me a $5 gift card, so I got all of these for free.) Otherwise, they would have all been $1 each.
  • sports name tags for our 1st day of school nametag lanyards (Our PBIS Schoolwide Theme is Sports)
  • monkey card (I needed a $1 filler.)
  • alphabet puzzle cards
  • animal action cards
  • desk nameplates
I LOVED these animal action picture cards. We use HeidiSongs Elicit a Physical Response movements all the time for patterning, calendar time, counting, saying letter names and sounds, etc. I have the sheets in a sheet protector attached to our white board so I can access them quickly. The cards are two-sided and seem pretty durable. There are 40 animal actions.
I thought these cards would be perfect for transitioning from our seats to the carpet, lining up, etc. For example, hop like  kangaroo back to your seats or flutter like a butterfly to the carpet.
Dollar Tree: $10
  • number magnets (2)
  • jewelry links (2)
  • shapes sticker charts
  • numbers chart
  • tiki ice cube trays (3)
  • palm tree drink stirrers (10/pack)
  • number magnets for a math work station, along with a small metal for comparing numbers, matching numbers, etc.
  • jewelry links can be used for patterning, sorting by attributes, graphing, measurement, weight, etc.
  • numbers chart-cut apart and mix up for students to put in order or for one-to-one correspondence using manipulatives
  • The tiki ice cube trays will be used as ten frames with number cards and manipulatives for students to create a given number. These would be fun for making Play Doh manipulatives, too.
  • Palm tree stirrers will be used as pointers during small group reading instruction.
Mardel: $10
Both sets below were on clearance for 50% off. Yay!
  • Cat in the Hat bulletin board set - $5
  • Carson Dellosa Tropical Palm Tree bulletin board set – $5
Ideas: pictures with students for Dr. Seuss celebration and measurement
Chicka Chicka tree to replace the real one I use to have that took up so much room.
What are some of your frugal finds this summer?

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  1. I LOVE the animal action cards... definitely have to look for those when I next head to Target!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten