Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Peek Into My Classroom

I had good intentions to get some more printables added today, but yesterday, after watching an old episode of Hoarders, I decided that my file cabinet is WAY past due for it's not-so-regular appointment with the trash can. :) I'm pretty sure I haven't been through all of the files since I started collecting resources while I was in college. I've decided I may be a resource hoarder and it's time to break free free from the bulging files. It's like Mr. Incredible trying to fit into his belt. At any given moment, the belt could snap, fly across the room and put a light out. My file cabinet is ashamed of itself! Sucking all those useless resources in and all those way too old worksheets. It vows to be better and to fit back in it's original uniform. :)

So, in place of the printables, here's a link to some photos of my classroom last year. All of my photos from this year are on my school computer, but I'll work on getting them transferred soon. 

Enjoy a little peek into my home away from home. My classroom is in a trailer, but I've tried to make it cute. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Environmental Print

I remember how excited I was when my son first 'read' the word McDonald's at age 3 and recognized a stop sign at age 2. I also remember my son cutting food labels out with our Parents as Teachers Educator and placing them inside a Cheerios cereal box book. (We still have this!) We immediately told him he was a reader and never looked back. Environmental print is not only useful for children but necessary for many reasons. I have found some resources that I think are useful in helping kids recognize environmental print. I hope you find something useful, too.

Environmental Print Alphabet Book

Tons of environmental print printables, songs, ideas

Environmental Print Book

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Number Flip Book

I had so much fun I think I'm going to make all kinds of fall flip books. Here's one with apples!

My Apple Number Flip Book

Pumpkin Numbers Flip Book

I had fun creating this book today while my kids were in special classes. I plan to print the book on cardstock and then cut all but the pages in half, except the back page. I will then make sure the numbers and pumpkins are out of numerical order and bind the left side of the book (numbers) and bind the right side of the book (pumpkins). I will try to take a picture and add it later. For now, here is the printable if you'd like to use it.

My Pumpkin Number Flip Book

Little Readers/Emergent Readers

I really like free printables, can you tell? I especially like theme oriented little readers for my students. I teach in a rural school district and like most districts, money for additional resources is at a minimum right now. The printable readers work well for my students when we don't have enough regular book resources to go around. I adore Mrs. Meacham's site because there are great links for lots of printables.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Book It Printable Take Home Sheets

Our class will be participating in Pizza Hut's Book-It Reading reward program this year. We will be beginning the first of October and will continue through March. Our monthly goal for the kids to earn their pizza reward certificate is 10 books per month. If you are participating, please feel free to use these printables.

All of the graphics are from Carson Dellosa. You can find them here.  The title font is DJ Inkers DJ Framed.

Book It Charts

Apple Counting 1-10

Use red washable ink pads to let the students make a fingerprint apple that corresponds with the number of apples at the bottom of the page. Be sure to have them write the number of apples in the blank.

Counting Apples 1-10 Book

Apple Positional Words & Magnets

I can't wait to include a photo of the apple magnet positional page when we have it in action. My magnet was having a hard time staying glued to our laminating film. :) I will post a picture as soon as I can. Kids think these are magical!

Apple Magnet Positional Words

Apples Positional Words Math Ws

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I need your feedback :)

 I'm trying to decide how I want to include PDF files that I have created for my Kindergarten classroom. What do you think? Is using Scribd easy for you to download/print below? I would love any feedback you can give. I create a good majority of my own printables so that I can easily customize things for my classroom, but I don't want to upload a lot of files if this isn't easy for you, as well as, easy for me to use at school.

***We use these apples printables to make a headband after we've read the book Ten Apples Up on Top. The kids get to cut out as many apples (beanbags) as we were able to stack on their heads before the apples began to fall. We copy this printable onto red,  yellow and green construction paper. 
Apple Printable