Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Environmental Print

I remember how excited I was when my son first 'read' the word McDonald's at age 3 and recognized a stop sign at age 2. I also remember my son cutting food labels out with our Parents as Teachers Educator and placing them inside a Cheerios cereal box book. (We still have this!) We immediately told him he was a reader and never looked back. Environmental print is not only useful for children but necessary for many reasons. I have found some resources that I think are useful in helping kids recognize environmental print. I hope you find something useful, too.

Environmental Print Alphabet Book

Tons of environmental print printables, songs, ideas

Environmental Print Book


  1. I downloaded your environmental print book. We do a lesson on this early in the year and I think that this book will work nicely with it :)

    Teachers Cannot Live By Apples Alone

  2. holy moly... I needed this tonight! I am presenting a parent workshop/ppt tomorrow on early literacy and I have a slide on the importance of environmental print, and now whaaaalaaaa I have a book to have available to share out to the parents. Perfect, perfect, perfect, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  3. I love using environmental print, but it takes ages to put together booklets like this. This is just what I was looking for - thank you so much!