Monday, October 7, 2019

Farmhouse Library Theme for 2019-2020 {Before and After Makeover Pictures}

My library theme for 2019-2020 is Reading is Cozy with farmhouse accents of shiplap, doilies, burlap, buffalo check/plaid, succulents, sunflowers, etc.  After several years of super bright colors and different themes each year, I decided to go with something a little more cozy. The kids have told me repeatedly that it feels like home, which makes me happy! Many of the items I purchased were from Amazon, Hobby Lobby Wal-Mart, IPA and Dollar Tree

Here's a post that includes before pictures of our library when I started seven years ago. You'll definitely have to take a peek to appreciate how far we've come. ;) 

My first day back... (Before pictures)


I LOVE using tablecloths around the rafters near the ceiling! I purchased the buffalo check tablecloths from Amazon. 

I loved the buffalo check/plaid and burlap banners at Hobby Lobby this year, so I bought two and added some aqua tulle to them to match around the room. One of my best friends made me the  Library chalk sign. The organizer next to my computer was purchased with Scholastic Dollars, but I didn't love the way it didn't match anything, so I added some wrapping paper to it so it would blend in a little better. I am absolutely in love with the Teacher Resources Better Than Paper Bulletin Board Roll for covering my desk. It's the one thing that doesn't get ripped when my K-2 students lay with their bellies on my counter while they are waiting for check-out and let their feet dangle and hit the desk. Does this happen to anyone else?   

My sweet friend heard me say that I really wished I had this galvanized tray from Hobby Lobby and she purchased it for me as a back to school gift. I couldn't resist adding some vinyl lettering to it. The Read for fun picture is a Dollar Tree picture that I just added scrapbook paper, a doily and printed words to. 

My library expectations are short and simple this year: Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be kind, Be a reader and Be loved by Mrs. Howerton. 

This is the most comfortable Dutalier glider, ever! Everyone should have one for story time! 

We are a Leader in Me school, so each room in our building has the The 7 Habits Tree and a version of The 7 Habits printables posted. I keep our classroom supplies off the desks and students just take the tubs to their tables as needed. 

I added a few bows and ribbon strips to Dollar Tree frames and have the mirrors on each door in the library. I purchased the saying on Etsy, I believe. 

You can't really tell in this picture, but the grapevine was given to me by a parent and goes across the entire width of the library and has the most relaxing twinkle lights. 

I keep all of our new books on display for at least 3/4 of the year so circulation increases. Otherwise, the books just drown in a sea of other books on the regular shelves. I just mark them with a transparent yellow circle label over the spine label and change the sublocation to *NEW* Books in Destiny. 

I couldn't resist having a personal touch on my file cabinet this year. ;) A co-worker bought the cute reading Willow Tree figurine for me. 

I purchased these cute pillow covers from Amazon and bought pillow inserts at Wal-Mart.

The Blessed and Thankful picture is actually a placemat from Dollar Tree that I cut down to fit a frame I wasn't using. The cotton stems, aqua wrapping paper, pillow and doilies are all from Dollar Tree, as well. 

My sweet husband spray painted the insides of these jars with white paint so I could display the 10 cent greenery I purchased at Wal-Mart. ;) 

This bulletin board is used to keep track of our On-Time Returned Library Books. This is a reward system I use if two or fewer students in a class have lost/damaged/overdue books. 

Yes, my Kindergarten through 6th grade students use shelf markers and they are great at using them (most of the time)! See those timers? They are an absolute life saver! They are my go-to for "Think Win-Win" situations that involve sharing. We also use them when students use the Kindle Fires. They get two turns (for a total of two minutes) before they have to let someone else use them. You can get these at Dollar Tree for $1 each. They are one-minute timers. 

Thanks for taking a little peek at our library! I try to do a different theme every year. Sometimes I stick with the school-wide theme and sometimes I just do outside bulletin boards for the school theme and do my own thing inside the library. I like to switch things up so the kids don't get bored with our small space. 

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

FREE 14 Editable Spooky Vintage Halloween Decor Poster Templates

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