Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Peek Into My Classroom

I had good intentions to get some more printables added today, but yesterday, after watching an old episode of Hoarders, I decided that my file cabinet is WAY past due for it's not-so-regular appointment with the trash can. :) I'm pretty sure I haven't been through all of the files since I started collecting resources while I was in college. I've decided I may be a resource hoarder and it's time to break free free from the bulging files. It's like Mr. Incredible trying to fit into his belt. At any given moment, the belt could snap, fly across the room and put a light out. My file cabinet is ashamed of itself! Sucking all those useless resources in and all those way too old worksheets. It vows to be better and to fit back in it's original uniform. :)

So, in place of the printables, here's a link to some photos of my classroom last year. All of my photos from this year are on my school computer, but I'll work on getting them transferred soon. 

Enjoy a little peek into my home away from home. My classroom is in a trailer, but I've tried to make it cute. :)

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