Monday, October 11, 2010

Printable Reading Chart

I use a lot of emergent reader printable books in my Kindergarten classroom. Since most of the readers have text that is familiar to the students, I like to reward the kids for reading them to their parents and I like to keep the books at school for the kids to read to themselves or others.

Each time we read a book in the classroom, the kids take the book home and read it to their parents. Parents sign the book to indicate their child has read it to them. When the book is returned, I give the child a sticker for their reading sticker chart which stays in their binder until it is full. The book then goes in the child's book box with their whisper phone. When the chart is full, the child gets to visit the treasure box and gets to see the Principal for an extra treat.

I like to copy this on colored cardstock. I have copied it on construction paper, but the stickers don't stay stuck to the paper. I also like the durability of the cardstock.

Reading Sticker Chart

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