Saturday, July 16, 2011

Isn't this the cutest little old school desk you've ever seen?

I have a love for vintage things and I like to decorate with flea market finds. So it's probably no surprise that one of my absolute favorite shows ever is Little House on the Prairie. :) This cute desk reminds me of the one room schoolhouse/church on the show. When I saw this desk at a flea market recently, I had to have it! My husband was able to talk the owner down on the price a little and he purchased it for me no questions asked. I love that man!

Isn't it the cutest? It is big enough for two people and has a desk area and cubbies for two people behind the seat. If I can't fit it in my house, I'm going to take it to school. I just can't decide on whether or not I should refinish it.What would you do?

(Please ignore the little stove on the porch. It is too heavy for me to move, so I have to leave it up to my hubby to move it and I couldn't wait to take a picture. :)


  1. I so love Little House on the Praire too, love the desk. I would try to sand it down and stain it close to the orginal, I would not paint over it looks to nice.

  2. I adore it! I'm a huge Little House fan too. I agree with Sandra....I would stain it.