Saturday, July 16, 2011

I’m doing my part to stimulate the economy!

Ha! I feel like I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy by not only hitting the Target dollar spot as much as possible lately but by also trying to squeeze in 80 fun activities with my family before I have to go back to school. Seriously, where does the time go?

Have I mentioned that  I live in the country? That means the nearest Target is an hour away! Talk about torture with all you fabulous bloggy friends posting all your wonderful deals! When I go to town for any reason, I try to go to every store I might possibly need to in order to make the trip worthwhile and to save on gas.

So, I tried getting in on some of the inexpensive Staples deals for the week, but that didn't work out so well. They were all out of the 5 packs of Sharpies for $1. Sad smile I LOVE Sharpie markers!  I am very brand loyal on this item. Is anyone else like that?

Here’s what I ended up with.

Staples – $1

  • 4 sets of page flags @ 25 cents


Target – $24

  • flash cards: 4 sets
  • card sorts – 2 sets
  • heart beads: for patterns, counting and sorting – 2 sets (I’m going to make some printables for these.)
  • magnetic mini erasers – 3 packs of 2


  • pocket charts (3)
  • addition spin and write
  • alphabet spin and write
  • calendar set of 2 (I’m not using these for my calendar. I’ll show a picture of what I have in mind in another post.
  • class scheduler
  • lesson planning book (This is just for making notes for planning. It is not what I will use for my actual lesson plans and daily schedule.)


  • alphabet matching puzzles
  • counting matching puzzles
  • desk nameplates
  • 2 sets of 4 dry erase strip boards


It’s not like this is my first year teaching. I am beginning to think that I became a teacher for all the cool supplies!


  1. Oh how I can relate! Our closest Target and Staples is two hours away! I get jealous when I see all the goodies everyone is getting because I have to plan a large shopping trip to make it worth my while to go that far. However, I am still finding plenty of ways to spend lots of money getting my classroom ready :)

  2. I hit up our Target this week too! Love a good deal and I am like a kid at Christmas when it comes to back to school :)

  3. And I thought I had it bad! I live on a farm with the closest Target, Staples, etc. being half and hour away. I too make sure I plan a big trip to get the most out of my gas money. I will try to think of you, Marlana, when I make that drive. I'll have to remind myself that it could be an hour drive!