Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just for fun! Adding a favicon to your Blogger blog

For me, summer vacation is the perfect time to spruce up my blog. So, last night, I searched for valid tutorials for adding a favicon to my blog. (If you aren't familiar with the term favicon, it is the little image that shows up next to your web address where you would normally see the orange and white Blogger b.  Favicon is short for favorite icon.) It also helps your link stand apart from others in a bookmark list.

Here's what I found that worked for me. I'm sure others that are more talented at this will have WAY easier instructions, but this worked for me and it was free. (I was leary of signing up on sites that I knew nothing about just to be able to upload & host an .ico file and I didn't want to pay anyone to host the picture for me.)

Now, if I haven't completely scared you off, here are the instructions I followed.
  1. Go to www.favicon.cc
  2. Click on the import image button. Then, browse to choose which image you would like to use. Keep in mind, you want something that will show up even when it's teeny tiny. 
  3. Upload the image.  (When it shows up on the screen it will look like a lot of tiny squares. This is normal. :) Just look at the preview image a little further down the middle of the page.)
  4. Under the preview area, click Download Favicon and save the file.  
Now, go to To The PC and follow the directions for adding your favicon to Blogger draft.
My settings were a tiny bit different than theirs. I had to go to Dashboard > Layout. Then, I was able to click the Favicon edit section.

****Although my favicon uploaded immediately following the instructions above, it did take about 1/2 a day before it actually showed up for me. Just be patient!***

If you try this, I hope it works for you, too! Be sure to leave a comment when yours works for you. I'd love to check it out!

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