Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Peek Into My Classroom

I went to school yesterday to finish covering my bookcases and to pick up a few files and books I wanted to work on this summer. Just walking in with everything put away and nothing on the walls made me feel a little sad. As ready as I am for summer break each year, putting everything away just makes my room look so empty.

These pictures were taken for an assignment for a Visual Impairment class I was taking this spring. The kids had already cleaned up for the day before going home. If I would have taken the pictures while they were there, well....I'm sure you all know what that looks like! :) Plus, I'm a firm believer in curtains that hide EVERYTHING!

(Sorry that there are some gaps in the pictures, but there were students' photos and/or full names that would violate privacy rights if I posted them and I didn't have time to mess with PhotoShop. )

Here's a link to my classroom last year. I wish I had photos from the beginning of the year when my room was decked out in western decor for our PBIS theme. I had a reading corral and other areas that were cute. I don't think I took any pictures. I ended up getting rid of the corral because it took up too much room. 

 My desk is only clean at the beginning and end of each day. As soon as the kids arrive, it gets filled with everything (and it's not always their things!) :)


  1. HI from Puerto Rico! My name is Ilka Vera and I'm a Spanish teacher. I like your room and your decorations, your curtains are beatiful, ladybugs?

  2. Hello! My sweet mom made my curtains for me. :) I'm blessed that she can sew! You are right, they are ladybugs. Thanks so much for visiting!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten