Friday, February 18, 2011

I need your help!

Bing is currently offering $3 DonorsChoose Giving Cards for projects submitted by teachers. I am desperate for donations! I have 4 projects submitted right now and I REALLY need an easel. This only takes about 2 minutes total if you are willing to help. Getting $3 at a time really adds up. I am currently $189 away from having my project funded.

In the last year and a half I have had 11 projects funded with over $4,500 in donations. DonorsChoose is amazing! - Give the gift of learning - Go

1. Click here to start. (Bing's Education site)
2. Click the yellow 'Choose Bing and Donate' button.
3. If you are willing to temporarily change your home page to a Bing search page, a box will likely pop-up. You can go back and change your home page right back to what you were using before if you don't like it.
4. Enter your email address twice and click the yellow button to get your donation code.
5. Check your email and copy the code.
6. Go to my project 
7. Give $3 and check-out.
8. At check-out, either sign-up or sign in.
9. In the payment section there is a box that says I have a gift code: ________________ Redeem Code. 
10. Enter the code you received in your email and click "Place your donation".

I would really appreciate any and all help. It is $3 FREE money that will help support my classroom and we desperately need an easel. My kids cannot reach mine right now and they have to stand on a chair to write from the top to the middle.   

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