Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Daily 5 in Pictures

As our Kindergarten classrooms begin implementing features of The Daily 5, yesterday my co-workers and I brainstormed a list of things our students could do while we are working with our Guided Reading groups.  For myself, the hardest part of getting started with Guided Reading is the whole, “What do I do with the other kids while I’m working with a small group?” problem. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.
For my students, I felt visuals were necessary so each child would know his options a little better when it came time to choose what to do independently. Here are a few things from our list. We have already added more since we made our list at lunch yesterday. I will try to update as I can.  I accidentally left my paper at school and we are snowed in today and will likely be for the rest of the week.

I have only taken pictures for about half of the things we’ve come up with because not everything has been created or we didn’t have kids in the room at the time to take pictures with them. At one point, I was in the hallway pulling other teacher’s kiddos so I could get more pictures taken.

Check out http://www.sanjuan.edu/webpages/gguthrie/balanced_literacy.cfm?subpage=127464 for lots of great ideas, pictures, printables, etc. 

Read to Self

Book Boxes
Whisper Phone
Word Family Flip Books
Reading Binders (Charts include: alphabet, color words, numbers, and poem of the week.)
Big Books


Read to Someone

Read the Room (Can also be done independently for Read to Self)

Word Family Sliders (Can also be done independently for Read to Self)
Read to a Friend
Read to a Stuffed Animal/Reading Buddy

Listen to Reading

Books on CD

We also included Tag Readers and Computer Games that read to students. I would love to get portable DVD players for our HeidiSongs DVD’s. I think I’ll have to write a DonorsChoose project for that one.

Work on Writing

Write with a Word Family Slider
Write the Room – This is one of my kids absolute favorites! They are so good and I am always amazed at how my otherwise reluctant writers can fill pages with words in no time.
(There are some great Write the Room pages at http://kinder-pond.blogspot.com/2011/01/write-room.html.)
Rainbow Writing

Word Work

Letter/Word Tiles
Squeeze a Segment (Students use the tweezers to place one rock per segment in a suction cup circle.) We are using manipulatives (like the bear below) instead of words right now.
My Word Book (Could also be used for Write the Room)
Tweet-Tweet Letter Treats (This is from the book Shoe Box Learning Centers: Alphabet.)
Choose a Letter (Students choose 3 letter tiles and write words beginning with the letters they’ve chosen. For our struggling readers/writers, we have alphabet soup cans and other charts for them to look at to find words beginning with the letters they’ve chosen.)
Sign a Name – These came from a resource book, but you can find something similar here.
Stamp the Alphabet
Tap Light Segmenting
Word Puzzles

Wikki Stix
Trace a Letter – You can find the tracer pages here.
Envelope Games


  1. I LOVE and I am stealing the tap light idea! Check out:http://www.pcboe.net/les/elderweb/kindergarten.htm#organization
    for more ideas.. even if you don't use this curriculum they have a lot of good ideas and printables for keeping kids busy reading!

  2. I agree, love the tap light idea. Could you explain it a little more fully? Thanks in advance!

  3. @Luanne Lewis - Thanks for the link! I love the details and specific plans. Thanks so much for sharing!

    @Megan - The tap light idea was not mine. Unforunately, I don't remember who I learned it from, but I remember it was a Kdg. conference. The idea is to have 2-4 tap lights out. I have picture cards that I keep with them. The child takes a card and then taps a light on for each segment they hear in a word. Then, they have to tap the lights off to begin the next word. For example, rock would be be 3 taps (1 tap per light). Does that makes sense? Please ask if it doesn't.

  4. Marlana,
    thanks so much for posting this! as i just finished my first year teaching kindergarten, I am always looking for new ways to improve my craft! I have heard a lot about The daily 5, and I am thinking about implementing it in my classroom next year, but I am nervous because, as I said, last year was only my first year, so I am still getting a handle on routine myself! and I don't know how independent my kinders can be! in doing this, do you have to change each of the 5 centers EVERY day? I went from doing tub activities, a literacy journal, and a free center (their choice) during my center activity, in which the tub simply rotated to the next table the next day, and everyone did the same journal activity; but with the Daily 5, are they choosing which activity to do each day within each of the 5? do you assign it? it just seems like a lot on the front end for the teacher to do and put together and keep track of!

    also, how do you regulate that each child is indeed working on all 5 of these things while you are working with your guided reading group? and what sort of things do you work on at your guided reading group? this is the area i find my biggest weakness and (like any good teacher, i hope!) i really would love to improve in whatever way possible! Thanks so much!

    my email is rhiannondean07@gmail.com

  5. oh goodness! Great ideas! I tried Daily Five last year in kindergarten and I loved it. I am moving to first grade this year and can't wait to see the improvements. Thanks for all of your pictures!


  6. do you have a picture of what your pocket chart looks like for daily 5? do you let them choose?

  7. Keep up the fantastic piece of work, I read few articles on this web site and I believe that your blog is really interesting and has got lots of good information.

  8. These activities are wonderful. :)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  9. Would love to see a Daily 5 schedule for kindergarten or rotation schedule. moultrie_debra@yahoo.com

  10. I would also love to see a Daily 5 schedule. I am a first year Kindergarten teacher in the fall and love your ideas. Thanks for sharing.


  11. I love the pictures, thank you!!! I'm visual learner :)
    I'm looking for the worksheet that you have with the zipper pouch and letter tiles. The one where the kiddos choose a letter and write a few words?


  12. I love your ideas! I have similar questions to Rhiannon above and was wondering if you would send me your Daily 5 schedule? Thanks so much!


  13. hi!
    love your blog. where did you find the flip books?

    1. We bought ours at www.reallygoodstuff.com, but you can make your own, too. Here are lots of versions for you to peek at! https://www.google.com/search?q=word+family+flip+books&safe=active&client=firefox-a&hs=TGO&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=fflb&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=XskHVKSLD8aqyASbvoEw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg