Monday, August 22, 2011

Highlights, The Mailbox & Physical Comedy {Totally at my expense!}

Today has been a crazy day! It was full of ups and downs {literally}. Therefore, my post is all over the place and out of order and just all around wonky. You have been warned!

I was so excited to get our Highlights order forms in the mail today. Does anyone else get anxious to get free products from Highlights like I do? Ha! I usually attach a note to our behavior slips telling parents what products we are working toward earning. How bad is that? Then, I give the kids a special sticker treat the following day if they return their order form with a yes or no response.

If you aren’t getting Highlights order forms, click here to read more about the program or to have them sent to your school. I even had my four year-old helping me out with the stickers on the forms. She thought it was great doing ‘teacher work’ and I was able to get something else done for a few minutes tonight.


This afternoon, I dropped my students off at recess and as I was walking back to my room with my Dr. Pepper can in hand, I slipped on water on the floor by the water fountain and fell. I did some kind of crazy splits and burned & bruised my knee, bruised my arm and pulled what felt like every muscle from my waist to my knees. I just sat there for a minute thinking I wasn’t going to be able to get up and I was even more concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to open my pop because it might spew all over the place. Luckily, two sweet teachers were in the hallway and quickly came to check on me.

Being a HUGE fan of physical comedy, I would have thought this was absolutely hilarious—if it happened to someone else! Ha! For me, not my best moment. It hurt so bad that I cried when I got to my room. Such a baby! Then, I had no sooner sat down to inspect the damage when the secretary. She already heard about it! The Principal, nurse, library aide and other teachers all came in. I got an ice pack, Tylenol and tons of offers to help get my kids. I declined insisting I was fine. All we could do was laugh.

The nurse had to fill out a report to document what had happened and the secretary and principal held up number scores as I walked by the office to pick my kiddos up from recess. They gave me a 10 and a 9.2. I was a little disappointed that the Principal gave me a 9.2 since she didn’t see it happen, so I offered to recreate the event for her for a second judgment. :)

Seriously, I feel like I won’t be able to walk tomorrow because my back and leg muscles are so achy, but it was all very funny! {AFTER the fact!} I am blessed to work with such wonderful teachers and staff members who were all so sweet and concerned—even if they did laugh!

On the way home from school, I was checking the mail and I had an envelope from The Education Center, Inc. with the cute little Mailbox emblem to the side. I couldn’t think for the life of me what it was for, until I opened it. A few months ago I had submitted an idea for one of their idea requests for snack time and now they will be publishing it!


I highly suggest that you check out the ideas they are looking for this month.  Click here to see the topics. Then, go here to submit your idea. It is definitely worth it if you love The Mailbox resource books and products.

If your idea is chosen to be published you can get a $20 gift certificate to use with The Mailbox catalog. Plus, they usually send you a copy of the magazine in which your idea is published.

This Monday is either an indicator of the insanity about to take place this week OR it could be that it will only get better! I’d like to think it’s the latter option! ;) Did anything crazy or exciting happen with you today?


  1. Congratulations on your idea being chosen! So sad about your accident...Are you sore today? I fell this summer and I couldn't walk the next day because I was so sore. Hope your day was better today!

  2. Pam, thank you for being so sweet! I was sore the first part of the day, but as the day progressed, I was feeling much better. Just achy! I'm so sorry about your fall! It's never fun to things like that. :) My day was definitely better today!

  3. Ouch! I hope you are ok today! Last year, I tripped over a student (he stepped right in front of me and I am NOT invisible!) and fell into our classroom door, hitting my forehead hard enough to knock me on my backside. I saw stars. You're right, it is funny after the fact!

    Hooray on the Mailbox shout out! I've always wanted to know someone in the magazine :-) I think Mailbox has gotten better over the last year and I look forward to finding it in my mail.


  4. Congrats on having your idea published! I've had two of my ideas chosen for publication and it's so fun to get that letter in the mail! My issues haven't come out yet but I'm waiting on pins and needles! I've already spent my $40. That was fun too!

  5. Chrissy, I worry about that happening to me all the time! Bless your heart! I even told my kiddos at rest time the first day this year that they CANNOT move when I'm stepping over or around them because they will trip me and I will fall on them. I can't tell you how many times I have come {this} close to falling on a child at rest time or when they are sitting on the carpet and I need to change a CD or DVD. :)

    Amy, I love having ideas published solely for the gift certificates! How bad is that? I've submitted 5 ideas over the last several years and 4 of them have been published. However, I hadn't submitted anything in so long, I honestly didn't think I would hear anything about this one. What fabulous things did you decide to get with your $40? That is wonderful!!! Congratulations!