Friday, August 5, 2011

Help! I need a creative way to introduce myself...

Next week we are having a parent night to introduce ourselves to the new Kindergarten parents, as well as, help them become familiar with our expectations of them and the expectations of their children. Each teacher has to come up with a fun way to introduce themselves. What would you do?


Keep in mind, I am one of those people who fears public speaking worse than dying! :) I have absolutely zero trouble looking ridiculous in front of my students with my bad singing, horrible dancing and hideous drawings but it's just different! I don't feel judged by my students.

We can use props or whatever. Pretty much anything goes. 

Help! I need your creative ideas!


  1. Maybe you could bring stars plastic, paper, whatever and read the star polisher poem. Or you could bring a big bag og picture books that are simlsr to you ideas or beliefs. Or a big bucket with the bucket filler book

  2. Read them a story like you read to your class. Every parent will love that. That way you don't have to say too many memorized words. Good luck!

  3. I agree with Miss Summer. Read them a book... maybe a back to school book. Then maybe give them a back to school poem for parents... You will do great. Thank you for posting my button on your blog. Your blog has so many wonderful ideas! I will be back often.

  4. Maybe you could make a simple 3 x 3 bingo game with facts about you in the squares. The person that wins could win a candy bar, alphabet cards, or some simple inexpensive prize. It's fun and you'll still be giving the parents information about yourself. Good luck.


  5. You guys are fabulous! Thank you so much for your help. I now have an idea in mind and I hope to share it soon! :)

    Lil' Country Kindergarten