Monday, July 25, 2022

What are Your Elementary Library Expectations or Rules?

How do your students respond to your library expectations or rules? For me, the easier to remember, the better!

I am guilty of having a long drawn out list of library expectations years ago that outlined everything I basically hoped wouldn't happen in our library. It was way too much! 

Simplifying my library expectations several years ago made things so much easier for my students and me. Pretty much everything that students might try to get away with is encompassed under one of these expectations. At the beginning of the year, I briefly go over the expectations and give examples of each.

For example, under 'be kind' just a few of the things we discuss are the tone of voice we use, what sharing looks and sounds like, and how to treat others how we want to be treated.  We also discuss when it's appropriate to try to take care of things on our own (be responsible) and when we need to get help from someone else to resolve a situation. These are generally my biggest issues in the library. 

My 2022-2023 Library Expectations:
Be safe. 
Be respectful. 
Be responsible. 
Be kind. 
Be a reader. 
Be loved by Mrs. Howerton. 
(Some of you may be uncomfortable with the last one, but I tell my students that I do not hold grudges. If they do something wrong, I will forgive them every single time and every day is a new day in my room. I also tell students I will continue to love them like someone who wants to see them succeed at learning and life. I explain to them that I give grace and hope they give me grace when I do something wrong because none of us are perfect. I let them know at the beginning that I may be disappointed with their actions or behavior at times, but it only means I care and want what's best for them and I'm not going to bring up their past behavior the next time I see them.) 

I change my library expectations posters out each theme. I love to use Canva to create my posters. 

What are your library expectations? Do you have school-wide rules or expectations that you have to go by or do you have the flexibility to create expectations for your space? 

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