Friday, April 10, 2020

I could use your help! + Spring Word Search Bookmarks {FREEBIE}

Someone recently contacted me with the following message:

"Hi! I am helping distribute lunches in our community during school closures. I just found your bookmark size word searches and am going to add that to the bags we are passing out. Perfect size! Can you do some spring word scrambles or any other K-2 appropriate puzzle to stimulate little brains? We used to hand both out in the lunch room. Looking for a way to connect with the kids we miss so much... Thank you!" 

I absolutely loved this idea! I sent them to her for free, of course, but also wondered what Word Search Bookmarks she might also be able to use during this time. If you have any suggestions, I would love them! Click here for the bookmarks I currently have available. Comment below with your email address and a suggestion for a set you think is K-2 appropriate, that I haven't already added. If I choose your idea, I will send them to you for free, as well. Thanks in advance! 

Click here to download these bookmarks for free! 

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