Saturday, July 28, 2012

What types of pocket charts do you use in your classroom?

If you are in need of new pocket charts this year and the charts from the Dollar Spot at Target aren't big enough for all your needs, you should check out some of the great prices on Amazon right now. Here are a few pocket charts that I found that I thought were pretty great deals. I tried to only include items that were Prime eligible, so if you have a Prime membership, shipping would be free.

***Moms/Caregivers from prenatal to toddler years can sign up for Amazon Mom and get a free trial membership to Amazon Prime. It's definitely worth it. Just make sure if you don't want to continue that you cancel your membership before the trial is over so your card isn't charged the yearly Prime membership fee. Click here to find out more. If you're a student, they have something similar called Amazon Student and you can get free Prime shipping for six months. Find out more here.***

Here are some of the pocket charts I have in my classroom or that I think I might like to have. :) 

I can't live without my calendar pocket chart! This is soooo much easier than having to attach your calendar day cards to a calendar with velcro or sticky tack.

This pocket chart is great for scheduling, but also for holding lunch cards, behavior cards, etc.

I like these charts for journals or unfinished work. You could also use them for daily folders, writing workshop papers, etc.

I love my counting caddy! It's a bit different than these, but they serve the same purpose. This is perfect for beginning place value to help teach our Common Core State Standards and it's perfect for bundling groups of ten if Zero Hero comes to your school. :) When I get back to school, I show you something I did to make my numbers easier to handle.

I don't use the following pocket chart in my classroom, but a lot of other teachers in my building use this chart for behavior management.

I love that they made a horizontal pocket chart! I could see this one being very useful in that wasted space below my dry erase board or maybe handy below a SMART Board.

This chart looks perfect for learning centers/stations or maybe even your Daily Five rotation or Guided Reading group management.

I got this cute magnetic pocket to attach to my dry erase board.

One of my favorite pocket charts is a free one I got from Highlights magazine  called the Organization Station. It has enough pockets to hold a composition notebook, unfinished or graded work or a journal/folder for each child in the class. If you aren't participating in the Highlights teacher program, you should! If you have any questions about it, let me know. I have gotten so many great gifts from them for sending home their flyers/forms. 

Do you use a variety of pocket charts in your classroom? If so, how do you put them to good use?


  1. Wow, those prices are crazy good! I have several of those, but apparently paid too much! I did get a $10 100 pocket chart off Amazon recently. That under the board one is good under my whiteboard I sit in front of to do guided reading, each group has a pocket for their books, writing, and all that stuff.

    1. I thought the prices were pretty good, too! I really want to get the horizontal one. It sounds like it would be perfect for your groups.

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  2. I have a lot of pocket charts, too, including the apple shaped one and the double circle venn diagram pocket chart!
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