Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Three Posts of 2011!

I am linking up to Fern Smith's Top Three Posts of 2011 Linky Party. It was fun going back to see what my top three posts of the year were. I also enjoyed seeing where my traffic was coming from. I look forward to an even better New Year!

My top three posts were:
  1. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie {Printables} - 16,906 pageviews
  2. What Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew - 13,414 Pageviews
  3. The Daily 5 in Pictures - 7,313 Pageviews
My top three referring URL's were:
  1. Mrs. Jump's Class - 5,976
  2. Hubbard's Cupboard - 2,315
  3. Can Do Kinders - 1,477
My top three referring sites were:
  1. www.google.com - 36,757
  2. pinterest.com - 26,241
  3. widget.linkwithin.com - 11,896


  1. Happy blogging! Those are great numbers.
    Hope you'll join my blog with your book picks for January. I'd love to see what you would recommend.


  2. You were my bigger referring url... THANKS!