Saturday, September 17, 2011

All About Apples {Linky Party}

I am so excited that it is almost fall! I love all the seasons for their very own special reasons, but fall is my definitely my favorite! I love the colors, the smells, the cool crisp air, the clothes, the decorations, the pumpkin patch field trip, bonfires, raking leaves, chili, s'mores and everything else that makes fall so wonderful!

Apples Pinterest Board
Next week we will begin a two-week unit on apples and Johnny Appleseed. I have been searching for lots of new ideas to add to some of the ideas I've used in the past. I hope that you will like some of these links, too. I’m just wishing I had more time!
I haven’t linked to everything apple, just mainly what I think I might like to use.

Be sure to checkout the following link to search for great free/inexpensive downloadable apple printables from Scholastic.  Use code: 10THANKS for $10 worth of ebooks/printables. Expires 9/20/11
Scholastic Search: Apples

Letter Recognition
Emergent Readers
Shared Reading

Activities for Individuals or Small Groups
Question of the Day: Apples
  • Do you like red apples? Green? Yellow?
  • Have you ever swallowed an apple seed?
  • Have you ever eaten a caramel apple?
    • Have you ever seen an apple tree?
    • Have you ever picked an apple from a tree?
    • Have you ever peeled an apple?
    • Do you like your apples peeled or with the skin left on?
    • Have you ever made applesauce? Pie? Apple butter?
    YouTube Videos

    Lots of Other Ideas
    Apples Theme Unit by ABC Teach
    Apple Pickin' Time at The Virtual Vine
      Be sure to add a link to your blog with your ideas about Apples & Johnny Appleseed to the linky party below.


      1. Wow! Thanks for sharing all of these great resources!

      2. You are welcome, Mrs. D! Thanks for commenting. :)

        Lil' Country Kindergarten

      3. Wow! Your post has been such a help to me as I plan our apple unit for next week. Thanks for all the work you put in to find all these great resources! :)

      4. You've won an award on my blog!

      5. Great idea to add a linky party for the theme! Found your post via Pinterest ;-)

      6. Thank you for saving me so much time searching for these wonderful resources. I hope to do apples next week. I'll be back to link up some of my ideas too. I have a center for purchase on Teachers it okay to link up?

      7. Jenna, Carisa and S. Parker--thank you!

        Mrs. Magee, I'm so excited! Thank you so much! :) How fun!

        S. Parker, feel free to link up to your product. Great idea! The more resources, the merrier! :) If you have a separate link to your blog, too, feel free to post several entries. That way it makes it easier for people to find everything.

      8. What a great idea for a linky party! Like Carisa, I found this through Pinterest while adding to my Apple Unit Study Pinterest board! Deb @

      9. Awesome shares, Marlana! Darn! I just wrote my apple freebie post and your linky party is closed. Anyone interested can click on the link below to get a science apple activity!@
        Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business