Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top 50 Early Childhood Education Blogs {Kindergarten Teacher}

Thank you to the authors at Teacher Certification for naming my blog one of the Top 50 Early Childhood Education Blogs.

I come from a family of teachers and I love teaching Kindergarten students. I never dreamed that I would teach Kindergarten, but I feel like it is such a natural fit for me and an extension of my love of being a mother. My school students are like my extended family. I also love teaching in the same school district that my own children attend/will attend. I feel an extra connection as a parent and I like knowing teachers on a personal and professional level. Some of my son's teachers are now my best friends. 

I enjoy blogging as a way to share information with others, as well as, save information for myself. Having a blog allows me to access many things from school that I have found while at home without having to lug my laptop and flash drive around everywhere I go. I also love to share! :)

Congratulations to everyone who made the list and to all of those in teaching! It is so great to have a way to communicate and share information that is beneficial to our students. I appreciate all of those who are willing to share their ideas and time with others by blogging, commenting, sending emails, etc. It is so nice to share common concerns, celebrations and the overall commitment to educating our students.  No one knows a day in the life of a teacher better than a fellow teacher. (Plus, blogging allows my poor husband a break from all my school talk and crazy insane amounts of educational jargon and acronyms like PBIS, RtI, PLC, etc.) Hee, hee!

Thank you to for adding my humble blog to your list! I am thrilled!


  1. How do you help your students develop learning goals?

  2. I found a wonderful source for teaching the students about the different positions in the school. It is fun and allows each student to chose the book about the position they want to learn and talk about. I have a set of Black Lagoon Picture Books that have twenty different positions in the school. By the end of the year every student knows each job title in the school!

  3. Hi Marlana,do you have updated list for 2012?

    1. Hi Melissa! I'm sorry, I don't have an updated list. I don't know which blogs are on it this year.

      Lil' Country Kindergarten
      Kindergarten Network

  4. Thanks for the post! You have provided many advantages and disadvantages to blogging in education for those of us who are new to consider. Looking forward to trying blogging as a way of connecting with my students.

    Edcuational Blog